Summer Cat Names, Page 6

HarlemThe Choosen OneMaleEnglish
Helenbright one, torchlightFemaleGreek
Helenabright, shining oneFemaleLatinate
Heloisehealthy; wideFemale
Hillaryhappy, cheerfulFemaleLatin
HollyHoly FemaleEnglish
HoneyTerm of endearment. Sweet syrup produced by beesFemaleWord
HopeHope Female
HopeHope Female
HorusEgyptian godMaleEgyptian
HudsonHugh's sonMaleEnglish
HunterA hunter. One who searches for somethingMaleEnglish
IndiaOf IndiaFemaleEnglish
IndianaIndiana, Usa, Meaning Land Of The IndiansMaleEnglish
Irisrainbow, a play of coloursFemale
Jackafter the Georgetown University mascot, Jack the BulldogMaleEnglish
JackFrom John - God's gracious giftMaleEnglish
JacobThe supplanter, held by the heelMaleHebrew
JadeJewel. Courageous and adoring. FemaleSpanish
JakeFrom Jacob - To fill the place of anotherMaleHebrew
JamesFrom Jacob - To fill the place of another, supplanter.MaleEnglish
JasmineFlower FemalePersian
Jasonthe Lord is salvationMaleHebrew

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