Summer Cat Names, Page 5

DylanMan of the seaMaleWelsh
DylanMan of the seaMaleWelsh
ElizaThe ChosenFemaleEnglish
Elliebright shining oneFemaleEnglish
Eloiseintelligent, smartFemale
Emilynamed after Emily Bronte and Emily DickinsonFemaleEnglish
EmmaOne who heals the universe. Universal, all-embracingFemale
Ethanstrong, firm, constantMaleHebrew
Eugeneborn luckyMaleGreek
FaithTrust, BelieveFemaleEnglish
FeatherBeautiful Birds CoatFemaleEnglish
FinnBlond MaleIrish
FreedomFreedom, LibertyMaleEnglish
GarthGarden. MaleNorse
Genevievewhite waveFemaleEnglish
GeorgeFarmer. In medieval legend St. George: (the knight who became patron saint of England) struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil. MaleGreek
Georgiafarmer, to work the earthFemaleEnglish
GingerA spiceFemaleEnglish
GoldieThe precious metal. Gilded FemaleAnglicized
Graceafter Grace KellyFemale
HannahFrom Anne - Full of grace of GodFemaleHebrew

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