Stylish Cat Names, Page 6

Fabianbean growerMaleLatin
FelicityGreat happiness FemaleLatin
FelixLucky MaleLatin
Fendiafter the fashion accessories brandnameUnisex
FergusFirst choice: Man of strength. MaleScottish
Finianfair. Finians were warrior-followers of 3rd century legendary Irish hero Finn Mac Cumhail. MaleIrish
FinnBlond MaleIrish
ForrestFrom the woods MaleEnglish
Fosterforest keeperMaleOccupational
FoxA carnivorous mammal, related to the Dog, that has a long bushy tail.MaleAnimal
FreemanFree ManMaleEnglish
GabrielGod is my strength MaleHebrew
GarrettSpear, BraveMaleEnglish
GenevaOf the race of women. Female
Genevievewhite waveFemaleEnglish
GeorgeFarmer. In medieval legend St. George: (the knight who became patron saint of England) struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil. MaleGreek
GideonThe destroyer; brave spirit. mighty warrior.MaleHebrew
GilbertBright lad. Gilberto: (Spanish) Bright lad. Male
GilesBearer of ShieldMaleGreek
GiovanniForm of JohnMaleItalian
GisellePledge. Female
Gordonfrom the cornered hillMaleScottish

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