Spanish Cat Names, Page 5

CiscoFrenchman or free manMaleEnglish
Clarissabright, clearFemaleLatinized
ClaudiaFeminine of Claude. FemaleLatin
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish
Constanzaconstant, unchangingFemaleItalian
CrisAnointed, Follower Of ChristUnisexEnglish
CuartoBorn fourth MaleSpanish
CurcioCourteous Male
CurritoFree Male
CurroFree Male
CyntiaVariant of Greek name Cynthia - one of the names of the mythological mood goddess Artemis referring to her birth on Mount Cynthus. Female
Daciofrom Dacia. Male
DalilaDelicate FemaleSwahili
DamarioMasculine form of the Greek Damaris gentle. MaleSpanish
DamianTame MaleGreek
DamitaLittle noble FemaleSpanish
DaniFeminine of Daniel God will judge. MaleEnglish
DaniloVariant of Daniel God is my judge. MaleUkrainian
DanitaFeminine variant of Daniel God will judge. Female
DantaeEnduring. The poet Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy with its graphic description of medieval Hell known as Dante's Inferno. Male

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