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JairoVariant of the Hebrew Jairus Jehovah enlightens. Male
JakindaHyacinth Female
JasoneAssumption Female
JavierBorn in January MaleSpanish
JavieraOwns a new house FemaleSpanish
JavieroBorn in January Male
JaxGod has been gracious: has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques. MaleModern
JeraldoVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JerardoVariant of Gerard Rules by the spear. Male
JeremiasExalted of the Lord Male
JericoCity of the moon. Variant of Hebrew Jericho. Male
JeroldVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JeronimoSpanish form of Jerome saved Male
JerraldVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JerroldVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JesusaNamed for Jesus Female
JimenaHeard FemaleSpanish
JoaquinAbbreviation of the Hebrew name Jehoichin meaning Jehovah has established. Joaquin Miller the colorful 19th century poet-adventurer of the American west. MaleSpanish
JoaquinaGod shall establish FemaleSpanish
JonasDove. Variant of Hebrew Jonah. MaleGreek
JordanaDown flowing. The river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized has been used as a given name since the Crusades. FemaleHebrew
JorgeSpanish form of George farmer MaleSpanish
JoseJehovah increasesMaleSpanish
JosefinaGod Will IncreaseUnisexSpanish
JulianJove's child. Form of Julius and family clan name of several powerful Roman emperors. Biblical Roman centurion Julius saved Paul's life during a hazardous voyage MaleEnglish

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