Sleuth Cat Names, Names Inspired By Sleuths, Investigators, Or Detectives

Sleuth Cat NamesIf you like sleuth novels, comic strips or contemporary TV, you may be interested in those sleuth character names. Here comes our selection of sleuth cat names, these names are inspired by those sleuth characters, investigator characters, and police detective characters. Feel free to choose your favorite name for your tough and smart kittens.

AbbyMy father rejoices. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife described as good in discretion and beautiful in form. FemaleEnglish
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
AdelaPleasant: Of the nobility. Noble. Female
Adrianrich, wealthy, dark oneMaleLatin
Albertnoble and brightMaleEnglish
AliMuslim - Noble, Exalted, God, little, the highestMaleArabic
Armandof the armyMale
AugustusMajestic dignity and grandeur. MaleLatin
BaronA low ranking nobleman.MaleEnglish
Barryspear thrower, son of Harry, MarksmanMaleIrish
Beatriceblessed; she who brings happinessFemaleLatin
BernieBrave As A BearUnisexGerman
Beverlymeadow of beaversFemaleEnglish
BlackieOf the colour black.Unisex
Bradleybroad meadowMaleEnglish
BrennanLittle drop: Prince. Variant of Brendan. MaleIrish
BrodieFrom Brodie MaleScottish
Brookesmall streamFemaleEnglish

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