Ginger Male Cat Names, Ginger Boy Cat Names, Page 3

PumpkinLarge round fruit with orange skinMale
RedA primary colour resembling the colour of bloodMaleColor
Ron WeasleyHarry's best friend. Male
Roryaka RorsMaleIrish
Rowanred-haired; ruggedMaleScottish
RuariIrish for red kingUnisex
RudyFrom Rudolph - Famous wolfMale
Rudyardfrom the red gateMaleEnglish
RufusRed hairedMaleLatin
RussellRed as a fox.Male
RustyCovered in rust - a brownish red colour.Unisex
SherbertFrozen dessert made from fruit, sugar and water. Australian slang for beer.Unisex
Simbafrom The Lion KingMaleSwahili
Sorrelreddish brownMaleBotanical
SunnyAbounding in sunshine, cheerfulMaleNickname
Sweet PotatoUnisex
TigerA large, striped, carnivorous mammal from Asia.MaleAnimal
TigerA large, striped, carnivorous mammal from Asia.MaleAnimal
Tiger LilyUnisex
Tiggerfrom Winnie the PoohUnisex

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