Ginger Male Cat Names, Ginger Boy Cat Names, Page 2

FinnBlond MaleIrish
Flanaganred, ruddyMaleIrish
FlynnSon of a red-haired man. Surname. MaleIrish
GarfieldFamous comis strip character. English: From the triangular field. MaleEnglish
HeathcliffFrom the heath cliff MaleEnglish
Hobbesbright fameMaleEnglish
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
KeeganA thinker: fiery. Form of Hugh. MaleIrish
Mangoafter the character in Saturday Night LiveUnisex
MarsGod Of WarMaleLatin
NachoSmall triangles of tortilla topped with cheese.MaleWord
Nemofrom the glenMaleGreek
OliverThe olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. MaleLatin
PaprikaSpicy powder made from sweet red peppers.Unisex
Pepper AnnUnisexHebrew
Peter PanUnisexHebrew
Prince HarryUnisex

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