English Cat Names, Page 7

Chasehunter, To follow or go in pursuitMale
Chelseariver landing place, portFemale
CherryVarious trees that produce red to black fruit.FemaleFruit
Chesterfortress, walled town,MaleLatin
ChipFried slice of potato. Small piece of candy e.g. chocolate chip.Male
Chrisone who carries ChristMaleEnglish
Christiea ChristianFemaleEnglish
ChristyGreek and Latin, bearer of ChristMaleGreek
ChurchillLives at the church hill MaleEnglish
ChynaMiddle CountryUnisexEnglish
Cillaafter the singer Cilla BlackFemaleEnglish
CindaGirl By The CindersFemaleLatin
Clairebright, clearFemale
ClariceLatin, bright, clearFemaleEnglish
Clarissabright, clearFemaleLatinized
ClarkeClergyman, ScholarUnisexEnglish
ClaudelleFeminine of Claude. Female
ClaudineFeminine of Claude. Female
Claytonplace with good clayMaleEnglish
Clevelandland near the hill, from the cliffsMaleEnglish
ClintEnglish, hilltop townMaleEnglish
CliveCliff DwellerMaleEnglish
Colbycoal townMaleEnglish
Colbycoal townMaleEnglish

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