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Friedapeace, joyFemale
GabyStrength Of GodUnisexFrench
GailLively FemaleHebrew
Galafestive party. Joyful. Abbreviation of Abigail. Gael is a term for descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland: Ireland and the Isle of Man. FemaleRussian
GarnetDark red gemstoneFemale
Garrickone who governs with a spearMaleTeutonic
GarvinSpear FriendUnisexEnglish
Gennyshort for Generic CatUnisex
GeoffPeace Of GodUnisexEnglish
Geoffreyheavenly placeMaleAnglo-
GeorgeFarmer. In medieval legend St. George: (the knight who became patron saint of England) struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil. MaleGreek
Georgiafarmer, to work the earthFemaleEnglish
GeraldineRuler With The SpearFemaleGerman
GertrudeStrong SpearFemaleDutch
GibsonGilbert's sonMaleEnglish
GilbertBright lad. Gilberto: (Spanish) Bright lad. Male
GipsyDerived From Egyptian. To Describe Wandering Tribes Of Dark Caucasians Who Migrated From India To Europe In The Fifteenth Century.UnisexEnglish
GlendaHoly And GoodFemaleCeltic

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