Earth Cat Names, Cat Names Inspirated from Earth

Earth Cat NamesIf you are a nature lover you may like these earth inspired cat names. Earth cat names include cat names inspired by earth, ground, land, plants and anything that are associated with the earth. Also there are lots of places names, such as province names, city names, town names and village names can be found in earth cat names. Check out the below list and pick your beloved kitten name for your cat.

Aaronshining light, high mountain, messengerMaleHebrew
AbileneGrass, A PlainMaleEnglish
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
Adelaidenoble kind, adornedFemaleVariant
Adrianrich, wealthy, dark oneMaleLatin
AdrianaFrom Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.) FemaleLatin
AfraDoe FemaleArabic
Africapleasing, pleasantFemalePlace
AinaJoy Female
AinsworthFrom Ann's EstateUnisexEnglish
AlbertaFeminine of Albert. Noble: bright. FemaleEnglish
Alex"defending men"MaleEnglish
Alexanderprotector of mankindMaleGreek
AlexandriaFeminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind. FemaleEnglish
Algernoble warriorMaleEnglish
Alistairdefending warriorMaleEnglish
Altheahealer, wholesomeFemaleGreek
AltonFrom The Old ManorMaleEnglish
AmataDearly loved FemaleItalian
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
Anatolefrom the EastMaleGreek
Anthealady of flowersFemaleGreek

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