Cornish Cat Names, Kitten Names Of Cornish Origin

Cornish Cat NamesCornish is still spoken today. The Cornish language has roots in the ancient language called British, an old Celtic language no longer in use today. Wales and Cornwall share much of their ancient lore, mythology and even names. Cornish cat names are unique and historic. If you like Cornish names, check out our collection of Cornish cat names for your boy or girl kittens.

Alanhandsome, cheerful, nobleMaleIrish
CarrickFrom the rocky headland Male
ConanHound. MaleIrish
Curyshort for CuriosityUnisex
Demelzaafter the wife of PoldarkFemaleCornish
Denzelfrom the high strongholdMaleCornish
Eleanorlight, mercyFemaleEnglish
GlenFrom The GlenMaleWelsh
GlennGlen, ValleyFemaleScottish
GlennaOf the glen FemaleIrish
GwenMythical son of Gwastad FemaleEnglish
Gwinafter the character in the Inkheart novel by Cornelia FunkeUnisex
JagoA character in a Victorian book who battled against the oddsMaleSpanish
Jennawhite shadow, white waveFemaleEnglish
Jenniferwhite shadow, white waveFemaleCornish
JoryGod will uplift MaleEnglish
Nessaheadlands, promontoryFemaleScandinavian
RockItalian from German, restMaleEnglish
Selmagodly helmetFemale
Templedweller near the templeMaleEnglish
The LizardUnisexHebrew

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