Celtic Cat Names, Page 3

BrianaShe ascends. Feminine of Brian. FemaleFeminine
BriannaShe ascends. Feminine of Brian. FemaleFeminine
BrianneShe ascends. Feminine of Brian. Female
Briceswift, quick-moving, son of RiceMaleScottish
BridProtective FemaleIrish
BritOf Bretagne, FranceUnisexIrish
BrittanyA Britain.FemaleEnglish
Broderickson of Roderick, from the broad ridgeMaleNorse
BrodyFrom the muddy place. Surname. MaleIrish
Bryanstrong, virtuous, and honorableMaleEnglish
BryceSon of a nobleman MaleEnglish
Burgessfree citizenMaleEnglish
CaellumBrave Warrior Male
CameronClan name meaning Bent nose. MaleScottish
CaradocDearly loved MaleWelsh
CarbryCharioteer MaleIrish
CardewFrom the black fort Male
Carlinlittle championMaleIrish
CarmelFrom the vinyard FemaleHebrew
CarrickFrom the rocky headland Male

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