Celtic Cat Names, Page 11

PixieA fairy like creature. Playful and mischievousFemale
QuigleyUnruly hair MaleIrish
QuincyFifth: derived from Roman clan name. Male
QuinlanGraceful MaleIrish
QuinnIntelligent FemaleIrish
RaeganSpiritual strength. FemaleSpelling
RaghnallStrong Male
Reaganlittle kingFemaleIrish
Reganlittle kingFemaleIrish
Rennylittle prosperous oneMaleAnglicized
RhettEnthusiastic, stream. MaleEnglish
Roryaka RorsMaleIrish
Rossfrom the TV sitcom FriendsMaleScottish
Royregal one, Red hairedMale
SabrinaLegendary princess FemaleCeltic
SaturnSixth and second largest planet away from the Sun.Male
Saxonpeople of the daggerMale
ScullyHerald MaleIrish
Serenfor SerendipidityMaleWelsh
ShaneGod is graciousMaleIrish
Shannonwise one, river nameFemaleIrish
SheenaGod's gift FemaleAnglicization

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