Alexa: Meaning of cat name Alexa

Pronunciation: [A-lex-a]

Gender of Alexa: Female

Meaning of Alexa: "defending men"

Origin of Alexa: English

Man's defender. Also a variant of Alexandra.

Variant Forms:

AlexiaVariation of Alexandra, Greek, defending menFemaleEnglish

Famous People Named Alexa:

Christopher Alexander is a renowned architect popular for his trendsetting designs.

Archibald Alexander was an American Presbyterian theologian and educator who became famous for his religious teachings, writings and sermons.

Alexandre Dumas was a writer of adventure novels best known for his work ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’.

Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin was a politician of French origin.

Alexandra Ripley was a celebrated novelist of America.

Alexander Woollcott was a renowned American drama critic, essayist, playwright, editor, actor & radio personality.

Alexander Turney Stewart was a multi-millionaire Irish businessman who opened the first department store.

Alexander Severus was the last emperor of the Severan dynasty.

Alexander Pope was an 18th century English poet.

Alexander McCall Smith is a Rhodesian-born Scottish author and a Medical Law professor.

Alexander Lukashenko is the current President of Belarus.

Alexander Herzen was a Russian author and political activist, popularly known as the ‘Father of Russian socialism’.

Alexander Henry The Elder was a merchant of British origin who was one of the pioneers of the British-Canadian fur trade.

Alexander Hamilton was the first U.

Alexander Grothendieck is one of the major mathematicians of 20th century, known for his groundbreaking theories in mathematics.

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-American scientist and inventor, referred to as ‘Father of the Telephone’.

Alexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist who had discovered enzyme lysozyme and antibiotic penicillin.

Alexander Dubček was a Slovak politician who played a pivotal role during the period of the Prague Spring.

Alexander Berkman was an important figure in the anarchist movement of the 20th century.

Alexander Bain - Philosopher was a well known educationalist and philosopher of Scotland.

Alexander Bain was a well known inventor and engineer of Scottish origin.

Alexander Alekhine was a celebrated chess player of Russia.

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