30 German Male Cat Names From Bavaria

Bavaria is a state in southeastern Germany bordering Liechtenstein, Austria and the Czech Republic. State capital Munich is known for its annual Oktoberfest beer festival, art museums and ornate Nymphenburg Palace. The Romantic Road starts in northwestern Wurzburg, winds south through pastoral villages and medieval towns and culminates in the foothills of the Alps near Germany's southern border. Here comes our selection of German male cat names from Bavaria, feel free to choose one of these Bavarian boy names for your beloved boy kittens.

Alexander: Defender of men.

Benedict: Blessed.
Berthold: Bright power.
Bruno: Brown.
Conrad: Honest advisor.
Dirk: Dagger.
Ernst: Earnest.
Fabian: Derived from the Roman clan name Fabius.
Felix: Lucky.
Gerhard: Spear strong.
Gregor: On the watch.
Hugo: A thinker.
Jakob: He grasps the heel.
J├╝rgen: German form of George.
Kaspar: Keeper of the treasure.
Klaus: German form of Nicholas.
Knut: Knot.
Lukas: Light.
Markos: Of Mars.
Maximilian: The greatest.
Niklas: Victory of the people.
Oskar: Jumping fighter.
Oswald: Power of God.
Stefan: Crown, wreath.
Theodor: God given.
Torsten: Thor's stone.
Ulrich: Noble leader.
Viktor: Conqueror.
Wilhelm: German form of William.
Wolfgang: Advancing wolf.

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