40 Strong Russian Girl Names For Female Kittens

If you have Russian roots, you could consider choosing a name that works in both English and Russian for your kittens. Of course it is not easy, because there are 33 Cyrillic characters in Russian but 26 Roman characters in English. We have pulled together our selection of Russian names for girl kittens that also work for Americans. Check out the below 35 strong Russian names for your female cats.

Alexandra: Defender of mankind.

Alina: Beautiful.
Anastasia: A revival from new.
Anya: Favor.
Daria: Rich.
Dasha: God's gift.
Dominika: Born on Sunday.
Ekaterina: Pure.
Elizaveta: Devoted to God.
Emilia: Industrious.
Eva: Life.
Faina: Crown.
Galina: God shall redeem.
Inga: A hero's daughter.
Klara: Bright.
Klementina: Clemency.
Larisa: Cheerful.
Lena: Name suffix.
Liliya: Form of Lily.

Marina: From the sea.
Marta: Lady.
Natasha: Born at Christmas.
Nastya: Reborn.
Natalia: Birthday of Christ.
Nina: Grace.
Oksana: Praise be to God.
Olga: Holy.
Polina: For the god Apollo.
Raisa: Thinker.
Regina: Queen.
Rozalina: Rose.
Sofia: Wisdom.
Sonya: Wisdom.
Svetlana: Luminescent.
Tamara: Palm tree.
Tanya: Abbreviation of Tatiana.
Vera: Faith.
Veronika: Honest.
Yulia: Young.
Zoya: Life.

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