Arizona Cat Names, Names Inspired by Arizona State

Arizona Cat NamesThe Grand Canyon State is one of the four corners states, and it is home to a variety of terrain, climates, and cultures. Arizona is made for road trips, the state has Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Cathedral Rock, but you'll remember the long, romantic miles under endless skies. If you like Arizona, you could consider choosing an Arizona-inspired name for your male or female kitty. Arizona means Small Springs, and it is a good name. Other suitable names include Canyon, Chandler, Copper, Desert, Phoenix, and Sedona. Check out our complete list of cat names inspired by Arizona and choose your favorite names for your boy or girl cats.

Abigail"my father is joyful"FemaleHebrew
Alexanderprotector of mankindMaleGreek
AvaCute and short girl kitten name. FemaleLatin
Barbaraforeign, strange, exotic, mysteriousFemaleLatin
Benjaminson of my right handMaleHebrew
BensonSon of Benjamin, Ben's son, excellent sonMaleEnglish
Bentleyfrom the moor, Farm where the grass bendsMaleEnglish
Bowieafter David BowieMaleScottish
Brendafiery hill, sword-bladeFemaleCeltic
BryceSon of a nobleman MaleEnglish
Chandlercandle makerMale
Charlottepetite and femininewoman, feminine of CharlesFemale
Chesterfortress, walled town,MaleLatin
Cliftonplace on a cliffMaleEnglish
CopperA reddish brown metal - as in copper penny coins. Also slang for a police officer.FemaleWord
CopperA reddish brown metal - as in copper penny coins. Also slang for a police officer.FemaleWord
Danielmy judge is the LordMaleHebrew
DavisDavid's son MaleSurname
Doyleblack strangerMaleIrish
DuncanDark complexioned warrior.MaleScottish

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