Winter Cat Names, Cat Names Inspirated from Winter

Winter Cat NamesForget the summer and fall, winter season is the latest source of baby-name inspiration. If you just get a baby kitten in winter, it is a good idea to have the inspirational winter cat names for it. For instance, Frost and Snow are both cool winter names for cat names. Check out our collection of winter cat names below, most of them are inspirated from winter, snow, white etc.

AdairFrom the oak tree ford. MaleScottish
AfraDoe FemaleArabic
Africapleasing, pleasantFemalePlace
Agnespure, virginalFemaleGreek
Alaskagreat landFemaleNative
Alaskagreat landFemaleNative
Albiniawhite, fairFemaleLatin
AlbrechtNoble, BrightUnisexGerman
Alva"his highness"MaleHebrew
Amethysta precious stoneFemale
AngelAngel MaleWord
AngelinaAngel FemaleGreek
AnnikaNamed after most powerful Goddess in Hinduism. FemaleSwedish
AquariusWater BearerFemaleLatin
Arwennoble maidenFemaleWelsh
AspenAspen TreeFemaleEnglish
Augustmajestic, venerableMale
Aureliathe golden oneFemaleLatin
AutumnSeason between summer and winter.Female

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