10 Disney Cat Names Inspired By Cat Characters From Palace Pets

Palace Pets is a spin-off franchise to the Disney Princess franchise. The franchise is comprised of a group of royal pets who live with the Disney Princesses. Each Palace Pet has been found and adopted by their respective princess. They originated from different types of situations, and always end up being with the princesses. Most of these kittens are girls, except Midnight, who is a male Wildcat. These beautiful kittens have cool names, and they make perfect names for your little kitties.

Honeycake - A white kitten with purple eyes and a pink nose. She wears a red headband with a bow, a dark blue cape with a white collar, and has a yellow bow on her tail. She likes gardening with Snow White.
Slipper - A chubby pale blue Persian cat owned by Cinderella. She has blue eyes, a pink nose, a white muzzle, and light pink bangs and tail. She wears blue jewelry and accessories and a silver tiara. Cinderella is fond of repeating "She's my hidden Gem!" Because Slipper is finding pretty objects that Cinderella uses to create pretty jewels.
Midnight - A blue European Wildcat with a white fluffy tail and fluffy hair with a crystal crown. He has dark blue stripes with two blue bows - one on his tail and around his neck. Midnight could spend hours tasting and comparing all the different flavor combinations.
Beauty - A pink kitten who belongs to Aurora. She has purple eyes, a pink nose and her rosy pink hair and tail are styled after Aurora's hair. This kitten adores sleeping and you'll often find her cuddled up with Aurora. She is named Dreamy in some merchandise.
Treasure - A scarlet kitten with aqua blue eyes who looks somewhat like Ariel. She has a silver seashell tiara and necklace. She is sweet, curious and playful, just like Ariel. Treasure loves the water, but had always dreamed of life in a grand castle.
Rouge - A light pink kitten with green eyes, a yellow tail, and hot pink hair with magenta bow and styled like Belle's hair. She wears a gold crown and accessories with pink jewels and a pink bow. Rouge loves listening and reading stories about far off lands and also enjoys visits to Maurice's messy invention room. Rouge is very curious.
Pounce - An amber-and-gold bobcat with light brown eyes, facial markings and a pink nose. He has a headband with a magenta and red feather atop it and a collar that looks similar to Pocahontas' necklace. Pounce is the princess' little helper.
Plumdrop - A light lavender kitten with a purple face and paws, along with a pink bushy tail. She wears pink flower-themed jewelry. Plumdrop is still quite clumsy, but she’s always ready to do her best to make up for it.
Lily - A pale lavender kitten who is Tiana's pet. She has a pink nose, and, like Tiana, she has light brown eyes and short wavy bangs. Like her favorite Princess, Lily loves Jazz music and adores dressing up in her finest ragtime outfit. Curious Lily is much more interested in the music than food.
Summer - A kitten with green eyes, she has long blonde hair that's braided and decorated with flowers like Rapunzel's hair. Summer and Rapunzel love to walk together in the meadows.

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