10 Aristocats Names For Your Kittens After Aristocats Cat Characters

The Aristocats is a classic Disney movie, it tells about a family of aristocratic cats and their alley cat friends. The film features a bundle of cute cats, some of them are beautiful Persian cats, and some of them are Italian cat, Siamese cat, Hippie cat, and tough cat. Whatever type your kitten is, you will find the suitable name from these Aristocats names. Check out the below list and select your favorite cat name.

Duchess - The female protagonist, a refined aristocratic cat, the mother of three kittens. She has a pure white coat with bluish-green eyes which Thomas O’Malley says look like sapphires. She is kind, loving, polite and gentle.
Marie - The middle of the three kitten and the only female is a true princess, she has a pure white coat like her mother and has blue eyes. Marie is a bit bossy to her siblings, and she is a romantic and is often starry-eyed and sighing when Thomas tries to romance Duchess.
Berlioz - Duchess's black-furred son, the youngest of the three kittens. He is grey in color and is a talented pianist, and he is somewhat timid and shy. Berlioz is a playful kitten with a lot of spunk and energy who always teases his older sister Marie.
Toulouse - Duchess's ginger-furred son, the oldest of the three kittens. He is a fuzzy orange cat who wants to be tough and strong like an alley cat. Thomas O’Malley calls him "little tiger" because of his desire to be fierce.
Thomas O'Malley - The happy-go-lucky, easy-going and friendly male protagonist, an orange cat with a white underbelly and white front paws. He is a tough and courageous cat, saving the kitten Marie’s life twice without hesitation. He is also a romantic, who wastes no time in courting Duchess.
Scat Cat - Thomas's best friend and the leader of music-loving alley cats, he is a fat grey cat who wears a small hat and a bow tie. Scat Cat is heroic and plays the trumpet.
Shun Gon - A brown Siamese cat with fur the color of a lions, he has a hippie look and wears purple sunglasses and blue beads around his neck. A member of Scat Cat's gang, he plays the piano and drums.
Hit Cat - The English cat, a member of Scat Cat’s gang who plays acoustic guitar.
Peppo - The Italian cat who plays the accordion in a Scat Cat’s band. He is orange-brown and wears a red and white polka-dot bandanna around his neck.
Billy Boss - He is a tough-looking, grey Russian cat with thick black eyebrows in Scat Cat’s gang. He plays the double bass.

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