25 Southern Cat Names For Your Kittens

Life is much better for Southern house cats than Northern felines. In the South, cats are bred in columned sorority houses. After kittenhood, they are free to prowl the tops of lacy iron gates and mossy brick garden walls. If you like the life of the South, you could consider giving your kitten a Southern name, whatever you live in the South or not. Here comes our pick of 25 unique cat names inspired by the South, check out the below list and select your favorite names for your male or female felines.

1. Begonia
2. Beignet
3. Bowood
4. Buster
5. Calpurnia
6. Capote
7. Cleo
8. Dahlia
9. Eudora
10. Jasper
11. Julep
12. Ketchup
13. Kudzu
14. Whisker
15. Nola
16. Pickles
17. Precious
18. Scarlett
19. Shrimpy
20. Tallulah
21. Tuna
22. Turnip
23. Zelda

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