Redneck Cat Names For Male Or Female Kittens

The term "redneck" refers to anyone from the American deep south who lives in a trailer or people from Norfolk to Tallahassee to Tulsa. A redneck enjoys good musical sessions, and he enjoys bringing more children into the world. He enjoys going out with a large caliber weapon and hunting. When coming up to cat names, you could select a cat name that inspired by redneck culture for your male or female kitty. Check out our selection of 25 unique redneck cat names for your beloved cats.

Male Redneck Cat Names

Barney: Strong as a bear.

Bubba: Means Brother in American slang.
Cletus: Glorious.
Clifford: Cliff ford.
Gator: Gator Utility Vehicles.
Harley: The motorcycle, definitely an American symbol.
Larry: The redneck cable guy has made this one popular.
Otis: Son of Otto.
Piston: Component of a car.
Scooter: One who goes suddenly and speedily.
Skeeter: Quick and darting.
Tater: A Southern United States and northern English slang term for a potato.

Female Redneck Cat Names

Bertha: Sparking.

Boots: A perfect redneck dog name.
Brandy: Alcoholic liquor distilled from wine or from fermented fruit juice.
Cherry: Cherry fruit.
Daisy: Flower name.
Dixie: Borrowed from the term that denotes the southern states of the U.S., especially those that made up the Confederacy.
Holly: The symbolic shrub with dark green leaves and bright red berries.
Honey: A term of endearment.
Lulu: One that is remarkable or wonderful.
Misty: From the word "mist", meaning "light fog."
Molly: Nickname for Mary.
Nina: Mighty warrior.
Sadie: Pet from of Sarah.

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