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China was a world leader in science and technology until the Ming Dynasty. Ancient Chinese discoveries and inventions, such as papermaking, printing, the compass, and gunpowder, later became widespread in Asia and Europe. Chinese culture has long emphasized a sense of deep history and a largely inward-looking national perspective. If you like Chinese culture, you could consider choosing a Chinese cat name for your male or female kitten. Here we have pulled together a list of over 100 Chinese cat names for your girl felines.

Ai: Loving.

Aiguo: Patriotic.
An: Peace.
Bai: Clear, white.
Bingwen: Master of arts.
Bo: Waves; also, elder brother.
Bohai: Sea waves.
Bojing: Gentle waves.
Bolin: Gentle rain.
Boqin: Senior respect.
Chang: Old, to grow.
Changming: Flourishing bright.
Changpu: Flourishing vine.
Chao: Surpassing.
Chen: The morning.
Cheng: Accomplished.
Chonglin: Second brother unicorn.
Chuanli: Transmitting propriety.
Cong: Smart, or of great intelligence.
Da: Intelligent.
Delun: Virtuous order.
Deming: Virtue bright.
Dingxiang: Stability and fortune.
Dong: East, eastern, or, winter.
Donghai: Eastern sea.
Duyi: All-one.
Enlai: Favor coming.
Fa: To send, to issue forth.
Fan: Mortal.
Fang: Square, in the sense of correctness.
Feng: The point of a weapon; or, the wind.
Fengge: Phoenix chamber.
Fu: Rich, affluent.
Gan: Adventure.
Gang: Strong, good.
Geming: Revolution.
Gen: A root.
Guang: Light, glory.
Guangli: Making propriety bright.
Gui: Honorable, dear, valuable.
Guiren: Valuing benevolence.
Guoliang: May the country be good.
Guowei: May the country be preserved.
Guozhi: May the state govern, or may the kingdom heal.
Hai: The sea.
Han: Korean.
He: Harmonious.
Heng: Persevering.
Hong: Wild goose; a swan; great, vast.
Honghui: Great splendour.
Huan: Joy, satisfaction.
Huang: Emperor, wealthy.
Hui: Brightness, splendour.
Huiliang: Kind and good.
Huiqing: Liberal good luck.
Huizhong: Wise loyalty.
Hung: Great.
Jian: Strong, indefatigable.
Jiang: A river, especially the yang-tz?.
Jianguo: Building the country.
Jianjun: Building the army.
Jianyu: Building the universe.
Jiayi: Auspicious one.
Jing: The capital.
Jingguo: Administering the country.
Jinhai: Golden sea.
Junjie: Handsome hero.
Kang: Full of health.
Kun: Universe.
Lei: Thunder.
Li: Plums.
Liang: Clear, bright.
Ling: Clever; intelligent, spiritual.
Liqin: Beautiful harp, lute or zither.
Liu: The willow.
Liwei: Profit and greatness.
Longwei: Dragon greatness.
Meilin: Plum grove.
Mengyao: Superior handsomeness.
Mingli: Bright propriety.
Mingyu: Bright jade.
Nianzu: Thinking of ancestors.
Niu: The ox.
On: Peace.

Peizhi: Respectful.
Peng: The roc, a fabulous bird.
Pengfei: Flight of the roc.
Piao: Handsome.
Ping: Tranquil.
Qi: Arising, or, wondrous.
Qiang: Strong, good.
Qiao: High, aspiring, proud.
Qing: Sky blue.
Qingshan: Celebration goodness.
Qingsheng: Celebrating birth.
Qiqiang: Enlightenment and strength.
Qiu: Autumn.
Quan: A spring.
Quon: Bright.
Renshu: Benevolent forbearance.
Rong: Honor, glory.
Ru: Scholar.
Shan: Hills, mountains.
Shanyuan: Mountain spring.
Shaoqing: Young blue.
Shen: Cautious or deep.
Sheng: Victory.
Shi: Mankind.
Shihong: Mankind is red.
Shing: Victory.
Shirong: Scholar of honor.
Shoushan: Longevity mountain.
Shun: Obedient; and a legendary ruler.
Shunyuan: Obedient to the mongol rulers.
Song: Pine tree.
Tao: The way.
Tengfei: Soaring high.
Tingfeng: Thunderbolt peak.
Tingguang: Glory of the court.
Wei: High, lofty, or heroic, remarkable.
Weimin: People's hero.
Weisheng: Greatness is born.
Weiyuan: Preserving depth.
Weizhe: Great sage.
Wen: Genial.
Wencheng: Genial and accomplished.
Wenyan: Genial speaker.
Xiang: Flying, soaring.
Xianliang: Worthy brightness.
Xiaobo: Little wrestler.
Xiaodan: Little dawn.
Xiaojian: Little healthy.
Xiaoli: Intellectual.
Xiaosheng: Little birth.
Xiaosi: Filial thoughts.
Xiaotong: Red sky child.
Xiaowen: Red sky warm.
Xin: New.
Xing: A star; a spark.
Xiu: Fine, beautiful.
Xue: Studious.
Xueqin: Snow-white celery.
Xun: Swift.
Yan: Swallow (the bird).
Yang: The sun.
Yanlin: Swallow forest.
Yaoting: Honoring the courtyard.
Yaozu: Honoring the ancestors.
Ye: Leaf.
Yi: A rite, a rule, a pattern; correct.
Ying: Clever.
Yingjie: Gallant hero.
Yong: Affable, harmonious.
Yongliang: Forever bright.
Yongnian: Eternal years.
Yongrui: Forever lucky.
Yongzheng: Forever righteous.
You: Excellent, abundant; luxurious.
Yuan: Circular, round.
Yuanjun: Fountain of joy.
Yun: Clouds.
Yun-Qi: Luck or fortune.
Yunru: Cloud-like.
Yusheng: Plumed life.
Zedong: Kindness to the east.
Zemin: Kindness to the people.
Zhaohui: Brightness returns.
Zhen: Greatly astonished.
Zhengsheng: Righteous sounding.
Zhengzhong: Feudal state of many.
Zhiqiang: The will is strong.
Zhong: Honest, loyal.
Zhu: To congratulate.
Zian: Son of peace.
Zihao: Son heroic.
Zixin: Son new.

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