100 Frendly Cat Names That Mean Gentle

Most of the cats are gentle and family-friendly, they never get angry. These calmer cats have the ability to form strong bonds and be a great companion for your kids. When coming up to gentle cat names, you could choose a gentle-inspired name for your kitten. Here comes our selection of over 100 friendly cat names for your male or female kittens, and these names have the meaning of gentle, soft, comfort, kind, sweet, and beautiful in various origins and cultures.

Adina: Hispanic name means "gentle."

Aria: Gentle music.
Aura: Latin name means "gentle breeze."
Clarisa: Bright, shining and gentle. Variant forms: Claressa, Clarissa, Clarrisa, Clarisse, Clarice, Clarence.
Halina: African name means "gentle."
Helen: Greek name means "light, elegant, gentle."
Idina: Israel name means "gentle."
Ines: Hispanic name means "gentle."
Kade: Gentle.
Kevin: Irish name means "handsome, gentle, lovable."
Megan: Gaelic name means "soft; gentle." Variant forms: Meegan, Megane, Meghan.
Melinda: Greek name means "gentle."
Melosa: Hispanic name means "sweet, gentle."
Melva: Gentle lady.
Miranda: Latin name means "to be admired, gentle, unassuming, beautiful."
Naomi: Gentle, beautiful.
Selina: Greek name means "moon, gentle, yielding, wistful."
Acanda: Sanskrit name means "without anger; gentle."
Addeva: Muslim name means "pleasant; gentle."
Adiv: Hebrew name means "gentle; delicate."
Adiva: Arabic name means "pleasant, gentle."
Aghor: Hindu name means "gentle nature of shiva."
Ahisma: Indian name means "gentle."
Akrura: Sanskrit name means "gentle."
Alezae: Gentle wind.
Anana: African name means "soft, gentle."
Anemone: Greek name means "gentle."
Anezka: Greek name means "gentle."
Anugra: Sanskrit name means "non violent; gentle."
Anula: Sanskrit name means "gentle."
Anunaya: Hindu name means "gentle; comfort."
Aurear: Gentle music.
Auriar: Gentle music.
Awena: Swahili name means "gentle."
Benjamin: Hebrew name means "intelligent, gentle, forgiving."
Bland: Latin name means "gentle."
Blandon: Latin name means "gentle."
Bly: Gentle, happy.
Bonar: French name means "kind and gentle." Variant forms: Bonnar, Bonner.
Bryer: Canada name means "gentle and sweet."
Caoimhghin: Celtic name means "gentle."
Christian: Greek name means "gentle, forgiving."
Clemens: Danish name means "gentle, kind."
Clement: Scottish name means "gentle, mild, merciful." Variant forms: Clem, Cleme, Clemen, Clemencia, Clemente, Clementia, Clementina, Clementine, Clementius, Clemento, Clemmie, Clemmons, Clemmy, Cliamain.
Cliamon: Scottish name means "gentle."
Dalia: Tanzanian name means "gentle."
Daliah: Israeli name means "gentle."
Dalila: African Swahili name means "gentle."
Damalis: Greece name means "one who gentles."
Damara: Greek name means "gentle girl."
Damaress: Latin name means "gentle."
Damario: Spanish masculine name means "gentle."
Damaris: Latin name means "gentle." Variant forms: Damariss, Demario.
Damon: Greek name means "gentle; to tame." In Greek Legend Damon Was a Loyal Friend of Pythias. Variant forms: Daimen, Daimon, Daman, Damen, Damone, Daymon.
Douce: French name means "sweet; gentle."

Eidel: Yiddish name means "delicate; gentle."
Eugenia: Greek name means "the one who comes from a gentle family."
Friedelinde: German name means "gentle peace."
Galilhai: Gentle, attractive.
Gareth: Arthurian Legend name means "gentle." Variant forms: Garreth, Garreth, Garry.
Gent: Gentleman.
Geraint: Welsh name means "gentle."
Halim: Islamic name means "mild, gentle."
Halima: Muslim name means "gentle, patient, mild." Variant forms: Haleema, Halimah.
Hamal: Arabic name means "as gentle as a lamb."
Helima: Arabic name means "kind; gentle."
Hien: Vietnamese name means "meek and gentle."
Inessa: Russian name means "gentle, pure."
Isaura: Greek name means "gentle breeze." Variant forms: Isaure.
Jonah: Hebrew name means "dove, gentle, forgiving, dilatory."
Kapila: Gentle woman.
Kelemen: Hungarian name means "gentle." Variant forms: Kellman.
Kevan: Celtic name means "gentle."
Kevyn: Celtic name means "gentle."
Kliment: Russian name means "kind, gentle."
Laban: Biblical name means "white, shining, gentle, brittle."
Lalita: Sanskrit name means "lovely; gentle."
Lateef: Egyptian name means "gentle."
Lateefah: African name means "gentle, pleasant."
Latif: Islamic name means "kind, gentle."
Latifa: Arabic name means "kind, gentle."
Latifah: Gentle, elegant, kind.
Layan: Gentle, soft.
Lenis: Gentle and smooth.
Lenita: Latin American name means "gentle."
Lutfi: Arabic name means "sweet, friendly, gentle."
Lynde: Gentle.
Madhur: Hindu name means "gentle."
Malinda: Greek name means "gentle."
Maru: Polynesian name means "gentle."
Mayu: Japanese name means "gentle truth."
Melina: Greek name means "gentle."
Melvin: Gentle lord.
Melvina: Gentle lady.
Metea: Greek name means "gentle."
Milani: American name means "gentle caress."
Mildred: Strong yet gentle.
Miliani: Hawaiian name means "gentle caress."
Miyu: Gentle, superior.
Moani: Hawaiian name means "gentle breeze."
Munisa: Arabic name means "gentle; friendly."
Nalini: Sanskrit name means "gentle one."
Nariko: Japanese name means "gentle child."
Naseem: Persian name means "gentle breeze." Variant forms: Naseema, Nasima.
Ninad: Indian name means "gentle sound of water."
Noemi: Gentle, beautiful.
Sadat: Muslim name means "master; gentleman." Variant forms: Saadaat.
Sala: Gentle.
Sanjana: Indian name means "soft, meek, gentle."
Saumya: Indian name means "soft natured, gentle."
Seferino: Spanish name means "gentle breeze."
Stillman: Quiet, gentle.
Suhailah: African name means "gentle; easy."
Tabatha: Germany name means "gentle, sweet, grace."
Tirion: Welsh name means "gentle."
Tuan: Gentleman.
Yasashiku: Japanese name means "polite, gentle."
Yukia: Gentle tree.
Yuuki: Gentle hope.
Yuuto: Japanese name means "gentle."

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