40 Pretty Cat Names That Mean Beautiful

Pretty baby girl kittens deserve pretty cat names. Here comes 40 pretty girl names that mean pretty, beautiful, and cheerful in various origins and cultures. These best cat names are unique but not too popular, and they make good names for your pretty female cats.

Adamma: Beautiful girl.

Ani: Very beautiful.
Annabella: Beautiful grace.
Belinda: Very beautiful.
Bella: Italian for beautiful.
Belle: Beautiful.
Bellissa: Fair lovely one.
Bonnie: Scottish for "beautiful and cheerful."
Calissa: Fairest, most beautiful.
Calla: Greek for beautiful.
Callista: Greek for "most beautiful."
Ederra: Beauty.
Elle: Beautiful fairy.
Fayre: Beautiful.
Fiona: Gaelic name meaning "fair, white, beautiful."
Inga: Beautiful daughter.
Jamille: Beautiful.
Jola: Pretty.
Jolie: French for pretty and cheerful.
Keely: Beautiful.
Kenna: Beautiful or attractive.

Laila: Dark night beauty.
Lana: Atractive or peaceful.
Leanne: Light, and beautiful women.
Lily: Purity and beauty.
Lottie: Petite and beautiful.
Mabel: My beautiful one.
Maise: Beauty.
Mika: Japanese for beautiful.
Nava: Hebrew for beautiful.
Naveen: Beautiful.
Odara: Beautiful women.
Rachel: Beautiful in form.
Ramana: Sanskrit for beautiful.
Rosabella: Italian for "beautiful rose."
Rosalind: Latin for "pretty rose."
Tabitha: Beauty and grace.
Tegan: Beautiful person.
Venus: The Roman goddess of beauty and love.
Zaina: Arabic for beautiful.

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