50 Cute Girl Cat Names For Your Kittens

It's a very exciting and pleasing thing to adore a new kitten, your life will be quite different because the little kitty is really cute.

You have to choose a cute name for him or her, and things will be much easier if you check out this list of cute girl cat names. These cute names are unique and they are perfect for your little buddies.

Amber: A semiprecious gem made from fossilized tree resin, and is also used to describe the gem's golden color.

Annie: Grace. In biblical, Annie was the mother of the prophet Samuel.

Autumn: The Fall season, season of harvest.

Bambi: Short for Bambina. Made famous by Walt Disney's cartoon deer.

Betty: Betty is the pet form of Elizabeth, and the meaning of Betty is "God is my oath".

Brownie: Moist chocolate cake with nuts.

Candy: Sweet.

Coco: A Pet Name, mostly in reference to Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

Cookie: A small flat, crisp cake.

Cora: Maiden, a simple, pretty name with an old-fashioned air.

Cotton: Plant name, an occupational name from England.

Cutie: A charmingly attractive or cute person, especially a girl or a young woman.

Daisy: Day's eye, also a flower name.

Dora: Gift.

Emma: Entire, universal. A royal name in medieval England.

Ginger: Pep, liveliness; ginger. Refers to the pungent root used as a spice.

Goldie: Having the color of gold.

Happy: Cheerful, showing satisfaction or joy.

Hazel: A name from nature, the hazel tree, light brown.

Jinx: Magic charm, spell.

Joy: Signifies the parents' joy in their new-born child, or with the intention of wishing her a happy life.

June: The sixth month of the year.

Kiki: Pet form of Enriquetta, from Henrietta.

Kit: Pure; follower of Christ.

Lady: A woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken.

Lily: Flower name, a symbol of innocence and purity as well as beauty.

Lucky: Fortunate.

Lucy: Light. Lucy is a bossy little girl in Charles Schulz's popular "Peanuts" comic strip. 

Lulu: Precious; pearl; calm, peaceful, protected.

Luna: Moon, one of the names of Artemis, goddess of the moon.

Marigold: The golden flower's name is a combination of Mary and "gold".

May: The fifth month of the year. The month of May was named for Maia, the Roman earth goddess.

Mocha: Coffee of high quality.

Molly: Star of the sea, pet form of Mary.

Moon: The earth's natural satellite.

Opal: A uniquely colorful iridescent gemstone, suitable for an October baby.

Paris:  Name from Greek mythology, the capital of France.

Pearl: A smooth, rounded bead formed within the shells of certain mollusks.

Pinky: Of good health. Also refers to one's little finger.

Poppy: Red flower.

Pumpkin: Large round fruit with orange skin.

Ruby: Red gemstone.

Sandy: A girl with light reddish-brown hair.

Snowball: A beautiful white fluffy puppy.

Sugar: A sweet powder from sugar cane. Slang for sweetheart.

Sweetie: Sweetheart.

Taffy: Beloved, also a chewy candy made of sugar or molasses boiled down.

Thea: The Greek goddess of light; mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.

Violet: Purple, one of the earliest flower names.

Zoe: Life.

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