What People Named Their Persian Cats

Naming a Persian is not an easy thing. Since a cat name should fit the appearance and characteristics of the kitten, you could get inspirations from the coat color, cur pattern, and the temperament of your cat. Check out the below list and see how people named their male or female Persian kittens.

Annie: A sweet Tortoiseshell Persian.

Brownie: A female brown Persian cat.
Casper: A solid white Persian.
Collie: The Persian looked an awful lot like a koloa bear.
Furby: A gorgeous tabby kitten, and he looks just like the Furby toy.
Gandalf: A silver shaded Persian.
Jaida: A beautiful tortie Persian.
Moosh: She has a flat face.
Oliver: A male Silver Tabby Persian.
Rocky: A red Persian with a lion cut and has an absolutely adorable personality.
Sassy: She is a brown Persian with a milk mustache.
Sheba: A prissy and gracious silver Persian.
Snoocums: He looks like a little red fur-ball with a tiny pink nose.
Taffy: A cream-colored Persian.

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