5 Distinctive Names for Your Persian Cat

Are you looking for a name for your Persian kitten? Then you have to know something about the Persian cat.

Persian cats are noted for their gentle temperament, which makes them ideals pets to show. They are easily to adjust with the new environments. They are quiet and tend to be undemonstrative. They are quite loving and affectionate and make wonderful companions.

The Persian cat is believed originated in Persia, now known as Iran, and it is one of the oldest cat breed in existence.

Persian cat names can be inspired from its gentle temperament and unique appearance. Since it is originated in Persian, of course you can choose a Persian origin name.

Below we have picked 5 very cute names for kittens, check out and name your newborn kitten with one of the names if you like it.


Cotton is a natural cat name, and it is also a plant name. Cotton is soft, white and warm, this makes it a perfect cat name for white Persians.


Crystal is a name for female kittens of Greek origin, and the meaning of Crystal is "ice". Crystal is also a gemstone, and it looks like clear glass.


Frumle is a unique cat name. It is a great idea to name your Persian kittens with this soft, round and cuddly name.


Keeby is a yellow recolor of Kirby. In Kirby's Dream Course, the second player plays as Keeby in multiplayer games, and he has identical abilities to Kirby. Keeby is another unique cat name with playish sounding.


Tooba is a name for female kittens, it means "angel on earth; soul mate; cute". If you are a creative minded people, then you may consider this distinctive cat name for your Persian cat.

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