Unusual Cat Names That Mean White

White cats are beautiful and pure, just like snow and lily flower. When coming up to cat names, white cats deserve white cat names. Here we have pulled together a collection of cat names that mean white. All of these names have the meaning of white in various origins, many of the names have several variant forms, and you could choose any of these names or variants as your white cat names.

Male Cat Names Meaning White

Ailpein: Gaelic Pictish name meaning "white." Variant Forms: Alpin.

Albain: French form of Gaelic Ailpein, meaning "white."
Albanus: Latin family name meaning "white." Variant Forms: AlbanAlbinAlbinusAlbiniusAlby.
Albert: Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic name Ailbhe, meaning "white."
Albus: Latin name meaning "white, pale-skinned."
Akos: Hungarian name meaning "white falcon."
Aodhfin: Irish name meaning "white fire." Variant Forms: Aodhfionn.
Arjuna: Hindi name meaning "white." Variant Forms: Arjun.
Aubin: Norman French name meaning "white." Variant Forms: Aubyn.
Bardhyl: Albanian name meaning "white star."
Bela: Hungarian name meaning "white."
Belobog: Slavic name meaning "white god." Variant Forms: BelbogBelunBialbogBielobogByelobogBylun.
Bilagaana: Native American Navajo name meaning "white person."
Blake: A person having unusually dark or light hair or skin.
Chochuschuvio: Native American Hopi name meaning "white-tailed deer."
Dhaval: Hindi name meaning "pure, white."
Findlaech: Irish name meaning "white champion."
Fingal: Scottish name meaning "white valor." Variant Forms: Fingall.
Finn: Irish name meaning "fair, white." Variant Forms: FionFionn.
Finnen: Gaelic name meaning "little white one." Variant Forms: FinianFinnian.
Fionnagan: Double diminutive of Gaelic Fionn, meaning "tiny little white one."
Fionnghall: Gaelic name meaning "white valor."
Fionnlagh: Gaelic name cmeaning "white champion." Variant Forms: FindlayFinlayFinley.
Fiontan: Irish Gaelic name meaning "white fire." Variant Forms: FintanFionntan.
Gauvain: Norman French name meaning "white hawk." Variant Forms: Gavin.
Gwalchgwyn: Old Welsh name meaning "white hawk." Variant Forms: Gawain.
Hotah: Native American Sioux name meaning "white."
Kachada: Native American Hopi name meaning "white man."
Kohkahycumest: Native American Cheyenne name meaning "white crow or white antelope."
Laban: Hebrew name meaning "white." Variant Forms: Lavan.
Lachtna: Irish Gaelic name meaning "milk-colored."
Leucetius: Gallo-Roman myth name of a god of thunder, meaning "white light."
Matoskah: Native American Sioux name meaning "white bear."
Pahana: Native American Hopi name meaning "lost white brother."
Qochata: Native American Hopi name meaning "white man."
Skah: Native American Sioux name meaning "white."
Voistitoevitz: Native American Cheyenne name meaning "white cow." Variant Forms: Voisttitoevetz.
Vokivocummast: Native American Cheyenne name meaning "white antelope."
Whitaker: English habitational surname meaning "white acres."
Wyn: Welsh name meaning "blessed, fair, holy, white." Variant Forms: WynnWynne.
Zuri: Basque name meaning "white."

Female Cat Names Meaning White

Aeronwen: Welsh name meaning "white berries."

Ailbhe: Irish Gaelic name meaning "white." Variant Forms: Alva.
Albina: Feminine form of Albin, meaning "white."
Bai: Chinese name meaning "pure, white."
Bardhyl: Albanian name meaning "white star."
Blanche: French name meaning "white." Variant Forms: BiancaBiankaBlancaBlanchBlankaBranca.
Blancheflour: Known as the "white flower" of the House of Cornwall. Variant Forms: BlanchefleurBlancheflorCondwiramurCondwiramurs.
Blodwen: Welsh name meaning "white flower."
Candida: English name meaning "clear and white."
Eirwen: Welsh name meaning "snow white."
Fionnghuala: Gaelic name meaning "white shoulder." Variant Forms: FenellaFinellaFinngualaFinolaFinualaFionnaghalFionnaghualaFionnualaFionolaFlora.
Gauri: Hindi name meaning "white."
Gavina: Scottish feminine form of Celtic Gavin, meaning "white hawk."
Gaynor: Medieval English name meaning "white and smooth."
Generys: Medieval Welsh name meaning "white lady."
Genna: Variant spelling of Latin Jenna, meaning "white and smooth."
Gowri: Variant spelling of Hindi Gauri, meaning "white."
Guinevere: French name meaning "white and smooth." Variant Forms: GwenevereGwengwyvarGwenhwyvar.
Gwen: Welsh name meaning "fair, holy, white." Variant Forms: Gwenn.
Gwendolen: Welsh name meaning hence "white bow" or "white ring." Variant Forms: GuendolenGwendolineGwendolyn.
Gwyn: Welsh name meaning "fair, holy, white."
Gwyneira: Welsh name meaning "white as snow."
Haukea: Hawaiian name meaning "snow white."
Jennifer: English form of French Guinevere, meaning "white and smooth." Variant Forms: JenJenaeJenelleJenessaJeniJeniferJennJennaJenniJennicaJennieJennyJinny.
Libnah: Hebrew name meaning "whiteness, transparency." Variant Forms: LivnahLivnath.
Lotus: A name for various kinds of plants before it came to designate the Egyptian "white lotus."
Misae: Native American Osage name meaning "white sun."
Moswen: Egyptian name meaning "white."
Nerys: Modern Welsh name meaning "white lady."
Nuala: Short form of Irish Gaelic Fionnuala, meaning "white shoulder."
Ptaysanwee: Native American Sioux name meaning "white buffalo."
Rim: Arabic name meaning "white antelope."
Sacnite: Mayan Nahuatl name meaning "white flower."
Tuyet: Vietnamese name meaning "snow white."
Whitney: English habitational name meaning "white island."
Winter: The white season name.
Zurine: Feminine form of Basque Zuri, meaning "white."

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