Tiny Cat Names, Page 4

BuzzTo move quickly and busily, to bustleMaleModern
CaligulaName given to Gaius Ceasar when he was a childUnisexLatin
CandyConfectionery made with sugar.FemaleEnglish
CaramelA smooth chewy candyUnisex
Carlinlittle championMaleIrish
CarlyLittle and womanly. Alternate Spelling: Carlie. FemaleFeminine
Caseybrave, watchfulMaleIrish
CharleneSmall BeautyFemaleEnglish
Charlottepetite and femininewoman, feminine of CharlesFemale
CheerioBrand of breakfast cerealUnisex
ChereVariant Of Cherie Dear One;DarlingUnisexFrench
ChibiShorty or smallUnisex
ChicaPet Name Meaning Little Girl.UnisexSpanish
ChicaPet Name Meaning Little Girl.UnisexSpanish
ChicletBrand of chewing gum whose feature is small square candy coated pieces.Unisex
ChicoSpanish for littleMaleSpanish
ChipFried slice of potato. Small piece of candy e.g. chocolate chip.Male
ChipperLively spirits, cheerful. Chip off the old block.Unisex
ChiquitaLittle girl FemaleSpanish

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