Sphynx Cat Names, Page 16

LouFamous WarriorMaleEnglish
Louisfamed warriorMale
LucasForm of Luke light: illumination. MaleLatin
Lucylight: illumination. FemaleEnglish
LuisFamous fighter Male
LyubovLove. Alternate Spellings: Lyuba or Luba. Female
MacSon of MaleScottish
MacbethSon of Beth Male
MaceyGift Of G-DUnisexFrench
MacKenzieChild of the wise leader FemaleScottish
Madame HoochThe quidditch teacher at Hogwarts. Female
Madame PinceThe Hogwarts librarian. Female
MadeleneFrom the tower Female
Madisonson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudFemaleEnglish
Madonnamy ladyFemaleLatin
MaggieAbbreviation of Margaret. A pearl. FemaleEnglish
MagnildeStrong battle maiden Female
MahoganyAmerican evergreen tree valued for its hard, red-brown woodFemaleSpanish
MaitiStrong battle maiden Female
MaitildaStrong battle maiden Female
MaitildeStrong battle maiden Female

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