Soft Cat Names, Page 4

DorotheaGift Of GodFemaleDutch
Edendelightful, adornment, paradiseFemaleHebrew
Edieprosperous in warFemaleEnglish
Eleanorlight, mercyFemaleEnglish
Elenathe bright oneFemaleSpanish
EliseForm of ElizabethFemale
ElizaThe ChosenFemaleEnglish
ElizabethMy God is bountiful:God of plenty. Elizabeth was mother of John the Baptist in the bible. In England Queen Elizabeth I and II.One of the most frequently used names in England. FemaleHebrew
Ellabeautiful fairy woman, allFemale
Elleafter the lead character from the movie Legally BlondeFemale
Elliebright shining oneFemaleEnglish
Eloiseintelligent, smartFemale
Elsanamed after the lioness in Born FreeFemale
Elsiepledged to GodFemaleEnglish
Emilynamed after Emily Bronte and Emily DickinsonFemaleEnglish
EmmaOne who heals the universe. Universal, all-embracingFemale
EmmieWhole, UniversalUnisexEnglish
EricaHonorable RulerFemaleScandinavian
Erinpeace, western islandFemaleIrish
Eugeniaborn luckyFemaleFeminine
Evangelinelike an angelFemaleGreek

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