Sky Cat Names, Names Inspired By Sky And Heaven

Sky Cat NamesBlue sky in the sunny day is beautiful, and it makes people so happy. When coming up to cat names, you could get inspirations from sky. Here comes our selection of sky cat names, most of these names are inspired by sky and heaven. Some of these names have the meaning of sky or heaven in various origins and cultures, and they make good names for your male or female kittens.

Akashacharacter in Anne Rice's vampire chroniclesFemaleHindi
AlizeThe clouds of heaven Female
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
AngelicHeavenly MessengerUnisexEnglish
AngelineHeavenly MessengerFemaleFrench
Angeloheavenly messengerMaleItalian
AngleHeavenly MessengerUnisexEnglish
Annakinafter Annakin Skywalker in the Star Wars moviesUnisex
Apollothe mythological god of light and truthMaleGreek
Arabellayielding to prayerFemaleLatin
AriadneGreek mythology, daughter of King Minos of CreteFemaleGreek
ArnoldThe eagle rules. MaleEnglish
AvaCute and short girl kitten name. FemaleLatin
B.e.r.u.Banana Emergency Recovery Unit, also Luke Skywalkers aunt and an island in the Pacific OceanUnisex
BrennaRaven maid, dark-hairedFemaleIrish
CariFlows Like WaterUnisexTurkish

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