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Savannah Cat NamesA Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat. Their tall and slim build gives them the appearance of greater size than their actual weight. When coming up to Savannah cat names, you could give them African names due to their African Serval lineage. Of course you could give your Savannahs names associated with cute, wild, tall, and slim. Check out our collection of Savannah cat names for male or female kittens.

Aaliyahhigh exalted, to ascendFemaleEnglish
AbbaFather MaleHebrew
Adahappy, ornamentFemale
AdinaSlender. FemaleHebrew
Adrianrich, wealthy, dark oneMaleLatin
AfraDoe FemaleArabic
AinaJoy Female
Aishaliving, prosperousFemaleArabic
Ajapronounced AsiaMaleHindi
AkimFounded By GodMaleRussian
AkuaQueen of the leader. Wise. Female
AliMuslim - Noble, Exalted, God, little, the highestMaleArabic
AlphaFirst BornFemaleGreek
AmaBorn On SaturdayUnisexAfrican
Amarabitter, eternal, immortal, steadfast, belovedFemaleGreek
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
AmiraFemale Arabian name, meaning princessFemaleHebrew
Andromedabeautiful maiden rescued by perseusFemaleGreek
Anwarbrighter, clearerMaleArabic
AphroditeGoddess of LoveFemaleGreek
Apollothe mythological god of light and truthMaleGreek
Ariellioness of godFemaleHebrew

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