Rescued Cat Names, Names Meaning Saved or Rescued

Rescued Cat NamesAdopting a stray cat is a great thing, both to you and the rescued kitten. The first thing after you bring the cat back home is to giving him or her a suitable name. Here comes our collection of rescued cat names for your stray kitten or rescued kitten. All these names are suitable for your stray cats, and some of them have the meaning of rescued or saved in various origins and cultures. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your male or female felines.

AbbyMy father rejoices. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife described as good in discretion and beautiful in form. FemaleEnglish
AliceTruth, nobleFemale
AlleyA narrow street or passagewayUnisex
Andromedabeautiful maiden rescued by perseusFemaleGreek
AngelAngel MaleWord
AppleA firm round red or green fruit. Also one that is treasured - the apple of my eye.FemaleNature
AutumnSeason between summer and winter.Female
Bernardbold as a bearMale
BingoA game where numbers are drawn and announced by a callerMaleWord
Bonesafter doctor in Star TrekUnisex
BuddyFrom Budd - The welcome messenger.MaleEnglish
BuddyFrom Budd - The welcome messenger.MaleEnglish
ChanceFrench for luckMale
CharmCharm, Joy, DelightUnisexEnglish
Daracompassion, wisdom, angel of rains and riversMaleIrish
DestinyDestiny, FateFemaleEnglish
DiamondIn The RoughFemale

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