Red Cat Names, Names For Orange Or Red Kittens

Red Cat NamesSome kittens have amazing colors, especially when they have orange, red or tan colored coat. Red cats deserve red cat names. Here comes our collection of red cat names for your male or female kittens. Red cat names are inspired by those orange or red things, and our list also include names have the meaning of red. Feel free to pick one for your beloved kitten.

AlaniOrange TreeFemaleHawaiian
AmarettoAn Italian liqueur flavoured with almond.Unisex
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
AnnGrace, MercyFemaleEnglish
AppleA firm round red or green fruit. Also one that is treasured - the apple of my eye.FemaleNature
ApricotEdible yellow orange fruit.Unisex
Ariellioness of godFemaleHebrew
AutumnSeason between summer and winter.Female
BiscuitA cookie or crackerUnisex
BlazeLisp: stutter. Blaise Pascal was a brilliant seventeenth century child prodigy: mathematician: scientist and philosopher who invented the calculating machine and hydraulic press before dying at age thirty-nine. MaleLatin
BlondieOne with golden coloured hairMale
BrandyAn alcoholic liquor distilled from wineFemaleDutch
BurgundyRegion Of France, Color Of WineMaleEnglish
ButtercupA bright yellow flowered plant. Also a term of endearment.Female
CaramelA smooth chewy candyUnisex
Carrot TopUnisexHebrew

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