Peaceful Cat Names, Page 5

Graceafter Grace KellyFemale
GretaFemale Female
Guidoguide, leaderMaleItalian
Halcyonkingfisher birdMaleGreek
HarmonyA beautiful blending. Simultaneous sounding of two or more tones, especially chords. Also a pleasing combination of elements in a whole.FemaleWord
Harveyas in The PookaMale
HeidiFemale FemaleEnglish
HollyHoly FemaleEnglish
HopeHope Female
HopeHope Female
HorusEgyptian godMaleEgyptian
Humphreypeaceful warriorMale
IgorScottish variation of Welsh Ifor, lord or English form of Scandinavian Ifar, yewMaleRussian
ImhotepHe Comes In PeaceUnisexEgyptian
Ingaguarded by IngFemaleNorse
IngridIng's rideFemaleNorse
Irawatchful, descendantMaleHebrew
IrenePeace FemaleGreek
Irisrainbow, a play of coloursFemale
JaromirSpring, FavorUnisexCzechoslovakian
JasmineFlower FemalePersian
Jeffpledge of peaceMaleEnglish

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