Naughty Cat Names, Page 4

Jezebelfollower of idolsFemaleHebrew
JinxCharm, SpellFemaleLatin
JohnGod is mercifulMaleHebrew
JonahDove. In the bible Jonah was on board a ship God caused to sink: sailors traditionally use the name Jonah to personify someone who brings bad luck. MaleHebrew
JordanThe descending river, to flowMaleHebrew
JosephGod will increaseMaleHebrew
JoshGod SavesUnisexEnglish
JoshuaGod is salvation MaleHebrew
KodyAssistant, a cushion, possessions. MaleSpelling
Leanderlion manMaleGreek
LewisRenowned fighter. Form of Louis. MaleEnglish
Lilithcharacter in CheersFemaleAssyrian
LionelCousin of Lancelot MaleLatin
Lolastrong womanFemaleSpanish
LolitaSpanish, lady of sorrowsFemaleSpanish
Louisfamed warriorMale
LuellaFamous elf FemaleSpelling
LuluPet form of the names Louise or Louella. FemaleEnglish
Mabelmy fair maid; lovelyFemaleEnglish
Madonnamy ladyFemaleLatin

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