Mermaid Cat Names, Names Inspired By Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaid Cat NamesA mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. The male equivalent of the mermaid is the merman, also a familiar figure in folklore and heraldry. Mermaids have been a popular subject of art and literature in recent centuries, such as in Hans Christian Andersen's well-known fairy tale "The Little Mermaid." When coming up to cat names, there are lots of mermaid cat names from legend and lore that you can consider.

AineArdent FemaleIrish
Alfredwise counselMaleEnglish
AlfredaElf CounselorFemaleGerman
AliceTruth, nobleFemale
Alvinelf wine, noble friendMaleEnglish
AphroditeGoddess of LoveFemaleGreek
Ariellioness of godFemaleHebrew
Aubreyelf ruleFemaleEnglish
AvaCute and short girl kitten name. FemaleLatin
Avalonisland of applesFemaleCeltic
Averyruler of the elvesFemaleEnglish
Aziziprecious treasureMaleSwahili
BasilMajestic, royal, braveMaleGreek
BayBorn In July, Seventh-Born SonMaleVietnamese
Beatriceblessed; she who brings happinessFemaleLatin
BijouFrench for jewelFemale
Bladeglory, The expanded part of a leaf, particularly grassesMaleWord

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