Magical Cat Names, Page 7

Deliavisible from delosFemaleGreek
DellaGerman, nobleFemaleEnglish
DenisMountain Of ZeusUnisexFrench
Derrygreat lover, an ancient heroMaleIrish
Deviresides in heavenFemaleSanskrit
DiceSmall cubes with sides numbered 1 to 6 used in games.MaleWord
DillonBorn Near The SeaMaleWelsh
DinahAlice in Wonderland's catFemaleHebrew
Dioafter Ronnie James Dio, singer in the heavy-metal rock band Black SabbathUnisex
DivaDivine one FemaleLatin
DobbyWorks at Hogwarts. Male
DollyVariant of the Greek Dorothy meaning Gift of God. FemaleEnglish
DoodleTo draw when bored or abstracted.Unisex
Dorisa dorian woman, of the seaFemaleGreek
DrakeA male duck.MaleEnglish
Drewsturdy, visionMaleEnglish
DuchessFrom the AristoCats Female
DukeHighest ranking noblemanMaleEnglish
DuncanDark complexioned warrior.MaleScottish
Dustinvaliant fighter, dark stoneMaleNorse
DustyCovered with dust, tinged with greyUnisex

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