Hipster Cat Names, Page 9

Milesof smilesMaleLatin
Millerone who mills. Brand of American beerMaleEnglish
MillieEnglish, gentle strengthFemaleEnglish
MiloMerciful. MaleLatinized
MiloMerciful. MaleLatinized
Miltonfrom the mill townMaleEnglish
MinnieForm of Williamina FemaleEnglish
MollyBitter FemaleEnglish
MontyFrom Montgomer - The mountain hunter.MaleEnglish
Mosessaved; child; taken from waterMaleEgyptian
MurrayThe mariner, sailorMaleScottish
Nadinefrom the Chuck Berry songFemale
Naomipleasent one; above all, beautyFemaleHebrew
Nelliethe bright oneFemaleEnglish
Nicopeople of victoryMaleGreek
NoelleBorn on ChristmasFemale
NolaNoble or FamousFemaleGaelic
Normathe patternFemaleEnglish
Odettehappy homeFemale
OdinViking mythology: the allmighty godMaleOld
Olivekind one; olive tree, peace. Symbol of peace. A small oval fruit.FemaleEnglish
OliverThe olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. MaleLatin

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