Hebrew Cat Names, Page 10

JackFrom John - God's gracious giftMaleEnglish
JacobThe supplanter, held by the heelMaleHebrew
Jainagood characterUnisex
JakeFrom Jacob - To fill the place of anotherMaleHebrew
JamesFrom Jacob - To fill the place of another, supplanter.MaleEnglish
JamieFeminine of JamesFemaleScottish
JanaFeminine variation of JohnFemaleCzech
Janegracious, merciful, God is graciousFemaleEnglish
JanetVariant of JaneFemaleEnglish
JanieJehovah Has Been Gracious; Has Shown Favor. Variant Of Joan.UnisexEnglish
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JeanGod is graciousMale
Jebbeloved friendMaleEnglish
Jedthe handMaleEnglish
JediBeloved By GodUnisexHebrew
JeremiahExalted of the Lord MaleHebrew
JeremiasExalted of the Lord Male
JeremyGod will uplift, appointed by GodMaleEnglish

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