Happy Cat Names, Page 5

Simonhe who hearsMaleHebrew
SunnyAbounding in sunshine, cheerfulMaleNickname
SunshineRays from the sun. CheerfulnessFemaleWord
Tateto be cheerful; windy, a great talkerMaleEnglish
ThaddeusPraise be to GodMaleAramaic
TommyFrom Thomas - The twin.MaleEnglish
Toulouseafter a kitten in the movie AristocatsMale
Trixieshe who brings happinessFemaleLatin
Trixieshe who brings happinessFemaleLatin
WillieEnglish from German, resolute protectionMaleEnglish
WinstonFrom a friend's estate. joy stone, victory townMaleEnglish
XavieraBright: splendid. Feminine of Xavier. FemaleFeminine
Zeligthe blessed oneMaleYiddish

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