Grey Cat Names, Page 6

DelaneyFrom the elder tree grove. FemaleIrish
Dennis CreeveyColin's younger brother. Male
DevannaDivine. Female
DiabloThe DevilFemaleSpanish
DiannaDivine. Mythological ancient Roman divinity Diana was noted for beauty and swiftness: often depicted as a huntress. Also Diana Princess of Wales. Female
DixieAbbreviation of Richard. In the USA Dixie refers to the French word for ten: also to the southern states below the Mason- Dixon line. FemaleLatin
Donny And MarieUnisexHebrew
Dorian GrayUnisexHebrew
DougalBlack strangerMaleScottish
Dovedove, a birdMaleColor
Dudley DursleyHarry's cousin. Male
DuffyDark FacedFemaleCeltic
DustyCovered with dust, tinged with greyUnisex
Earl GreyUnisexHebrew
EarthaThe earth. FemaleEnglish
EchoRepetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves. For one that barks or meows a lot. A nymphMaleGreek
EdisonSon of Edward MaleEnglish
EilisIrish form of Elizabeth consecrated to God FemaleIrish
EleanoraShining light. Variant of Helen. FemaleLatinate

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