Greek Cat Names, Page 9

Ganymedenamed after the moon of JupiterUnisex
GarnetDark red gemstoneFemale
GeminiThe TwinsMaleLatin
Gemmaprecious stoneFemaleItalian
GenevaOf the race of women. Female
GeorgeFarmer. In medieval legend St. George: (the knight who became patron saint of England) struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil. MaleGreek
Georgiafarmer, to work the earthFemaleEnglish
Grecofrom GreeceMaleItalian
GusFrom Gustave - Staff of the GothsMaleEnglish
HadesWorld of the dead or hell.Male
HarrietteRules the home Female
HecateMythical Witchcraft GoddessUnisexGreek
HectorTenacious MaleGreek
Helenbright one, torchlightFemaleGreek
Helenabright, shining oneFemaleLatinate
Henryruler of the homeMale
HeraQueen of the GodsFemaleGreek
Herbertfamous armyMale
Herculesglory of HeraMaleGreek
Hermesthe messenger godMaleGreek

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