Geographical Cat Names, Page 4

Floydafter Pink FloydMaleWelsh
ForrestFrom the woods MaleEnglish
FrancesOf FranceFemaleEnglish
FrancisFrenchman or free manMaleLatin
FranciscoVariant of Frank Free: a free man. MaleSpanish
FranklinFree man: landholder. MaleEnglish
Garyspear carrierMaleEnglish
GenevaOf the race of women. Female
Georgiafarmer, to work the earthFemaleEnglish
GlenFrom The GlenMaleWelsh
GuadalupeNamed for the Virgin Mary FemaleSpanish
Hamiltonafter the american politician Alexander HamiltonMaleEnglish
HarlemThe Choosen OneMaleEnglish
HarperHarpist: minstrel. FemaleEnglish
HavanaCuban place nameMaleSpanish
HeavenHeaven, ParadiseFemaleEnglish
Helenabright, shining oneFemaleLatinate
HopeHope Female
HopeHope Female
Houstonhill townMaleScottish
HudsonHugh's sonMaleEnglish
IndiaOf IndiaFemaleEnglish
IndianaIndiana, Usa, Meaning Land Of The IndiansMaleEnglish
Ionaflower name, purple jewelFemaleScottish

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