Fire Cat Names, Cat Names Inspirated from Fire

Fire Cat NamesToday nature-themed cat names become more and more popular along the people in the world, fire is one of the nature elements and we can get hundreds of fire-inspired cat names. If you have a cat with the fire-colored coat or she likes to stay at the fireplace, it will be great to give her a cat name inspired from fire. We have collected most of the fire cat names here at, you can pick up the perfect for your cute kitten.

Abnerfather of lightMaleHebrew
AbrahamMeaniing Father of a multitude Abraham the first of the Old Testament patriarchs. God changed it from Abram when He appointed him to be the father of the Hebrew nation. MaleHebrew
Aidanhelp, little fireMaleIrish
AineArdent FemaleIrish
Alinabright, beautifulFemaleSlavic
Anwarbrighter, clearerMaleArabic
Apollothe mythological god of light and truthMaleGreek
ArrowA straight, thin, pointed shaft shot from a bowMaleWord
AshAsh tree. MaleEnglish
Babsafter Barbra StreisandFemale
BalderViking mythology: The God of lightUnisex
Barbaraforeign, strange, exotic, mysteriousFemaleLatin
Barbiafter Barbara StreisandUnisex
BarbieTraveler from a foreign land. In Catholic custom St. Barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning. FemaleEnglish
Barnessomeone who lives or works near the barnMaleEnglish
BasiaGod's DaughterUnisexHebrew
Blaiseto lisp, stammerMale
Blakefair-haired, pallidMaleEnglish

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