Earth Day Cat Names, Earth-Friendly Kitten Names

Earth Day Cat NamesEarth Day is here, every one need to do something to protect our earth. For example, choosing an eco-friendly name for your little kittens. Here comes our selection of Earth-day cat names, these names include earth-friendly cat names, organic names, recycled names and ever green cat names. Check out the below list and select your natural, organic and earth friendly name for your boy or girl kittens.

Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
AinaJoy Female
AppleA firm round red or green fruit. Also one that is treasured - the apple of my eye.FemaleNature
AshAsh tree. MaleEnglish
AspenAspen TreeFemaleEnglish
AutumnSeason between summer and winter.Female
BasilMajestic, royal, braveMaleGreek
BayBorn In July, Seventh-Born SonMaleVietnamese
BerryWhite, FairMaleEnglish
Blossomlovely, A flower or cluster of flowersFemaleEnglish
Bronsonson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneMaleEnglish
BrunoBrown Male
BrunoBrown Male
CeresMythical God Of The HarvestFemaleLatin
CherryVarious trees that produce red to black fruit.FemaleFruit
ChloeFresh young blossom, Greek for bloomingFemaleGreek
Clarabright, clearFemaleLatin

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