Disney Cat Names, Page 3

BubblesThin spherical liquid filled with gas. Irrepressible activity.Male
BuckA fleet footed youth. Male deer.MaleEnglish
BusterOne that breaks up somethingMaleModern
ButtercupA bright yellow flowered plant. Also a term of endearment.Female
BuzzTo move quickly and busily, to bustleMaleModern
Buzz LightyearUnisexHebrew
Calliopebeautiful voiceFemaleGreek
Charliea man: variant of Carl. MaleEnglish
Charlottepetite and femininewoman, feminine of CharlesFemale
Cheshire CatUnisexHebrew
Chicken LittleUnisexHebrew
ChipFried slice of potato. Small piece of candy e.g. chocolate chip.Male
Christopher RobinUnisexHebrew
Cinderellalittle ash-girlFemale
ClaudeLame. Male
Claytonplace with good clayMaleEnglish
CleoFrom Cleopatra - Her father's gloryFemaleGreek
CleoFrom Cleopatra - Her father's gloryFemaleGreek
Cliopraise, muse of historyFemaleGreek
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish

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